Supreme Canadian Goose Down Topper – Double

Supreme Canadian Goose Down Topper - Double

Our tip-top topper…Frankly, we’re worried these incredible mattress toppers could start a riot. So we’ll only let you buy one if you promise to get out of bed now and again! Packed with world-renowned Hutterite goose down, a Supreme Canadian Topper will transform your bed – or the floor – and might even make Monday mornings beautiful!Why we love itHutterite goose down is lovingly produced in small communities in Alberta, Canada. Mature geese provide awesome down that’s made up of bigger, airier clusters. That makes your mattress topper thick, puffy and blissfully warm!How does it make you feel?This is a really light, lofty topper – it’s nice and thick to suit every mattress. The innovative dual layer construction combines support with softness. Underneath, a chamber of 100% Hutterite goose feather supplies firmer support while the top layer cushions you in a cloud of down. Feather and down toppers: our rulesThere are some things that we just won’t compromise on – not now, not ever. Attention to detail is our trademark. The feather & down is hygienically treated before being covered in a 100% cotton case. These naturally breathable fillings are certified by Zeromite (the dust mite experts!). Finally every topper arrives with a 10-year guarantee for absolute peace of mind. Why choose the Supreme Canadian Topper?If you’re looking for the best then we think Canadian Hutterite Down is it! We pride ourselves on careful selection and manufacture, and our Supreme Canadian Toppers are stuffed with gorgeous down from small communities. We are the very first British associate members of the Down Association of Canada, which aims to monitor the industry and supports quality standards. In other words, we care about this stuff, and we think it shows.

Price guide: £350.00

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