Ultimate Goose Down Topper – Superking

Ultimate Goose Down Topper - Superking

Supersize your comfort by slapping one of these onto your mattress. Our Ultimate Goose Down Topper is crammed with squishy goose down for a really sumptuous finish.Why we love itThis ones got it all! A firm bed of feathers with a removable down layer – the topper that makes anything comfy. Top layer is 70% down, bottom layer is 100% feather, all in a 233TC casingHow does it make you feel? Slap this baby on the floor, and you could sleep there – and never know. Squishy and thick, this top-notch topper can transform ANY mattress in a jiffy. (It’s especially dreamy if you’re pregnant: try one to vastly improve your night-time comfort.) Natural toppers: our rulesEvery single natural topper that we sell is made by us and exclusively available here. We commission and check everything before sending it out to you – so we can be sure that all our natural toppers are just right. They’re all filled with beautifully cleaned feather or down, stitched in cassette construction – to make sure they stay smooth and even – and finished with a downproof case. Oh, and there’s our 365 day guarantee – in case you had any concerns.Think you can find something better? No way! Our Price Promise assures you of the very best quality at Britain’s best prices.Why choose the ultimate goose down topper? We’ve made this Ultimate Goose Down Topper with two layers: a top layer of fluffy goose down (70%), and a lower layer of supportive goose feather (30%). The result: a topper that you’ll sink into – with secret support!Attention to detail is our trademark. The layers can be separated – just wash the top layer, which saves you time and money – and then buttoned together and attached to the mattress by the stretchy corner straps. The cotton casing is downproof and finished with piping around the edges. And cassette construction (it’s stitched in chambers) ensures that the goose down and feather will stay evenly distributed.You can machine-wash the top layer on this topper, but to prolong its life don’t wash too often – instead, add a mattress protector and wash that more frequently.

Price guide: £185.00

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